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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Co-Parents

As one year ends and a new one begins, many parents reflect on the past 12 months to identify room for improvement. These New Year’s resolutions for co-parents are the perfect opportunity to get you both started for those working towards a healthier relationship with their co-parent.

  • Resolution 1: Set & respect boundaries. Setting boundaries with your co-parent is important. Determining your boundaries is the first step, but you need to communicate those to your co-parent. Respecting your co-parents’ boundaries is also crucial. Having clear boundaries and respecting them can do wonders for a co-parenting relationship.
  • Resolution 2: Avoid badmouthing. Refrain from saying unkind things about your co-parent or their loved ones in front of your child. Setting this precedent is not only healthy for your co-parent relationship but your child’s relationship with your co-parent.
  • Resolution 3: Communicate sufficiently & respectfully. Sharing critical information regarding your child is crucial to your co-parenting relationship. Being able to communicate and coordinate your child’s schedule and other custody-related activities respectfully is key.
  • Resolution 4: Practice self-care. Taking care of yourself can lead to improvement in your co-parenting relationship. Coping with stress effectively and teaching your kids to do the same can help reduce conflict in your other relationships and within different parts of your life.
  • Resolution 5: Put your child’s best interests first. Viewing everything in your co-parenting relationship with your child’s best interests in mind will ultimately lead you to make the right decisions and take healthy actions.