Young Professionals

The Kids In The Middle Young Professionals Committee provides the opportunity for networking with other local professionals, monthly giving support for Kids In The Middle, collaborations with other local young professional groups, Kids In The Middle Board of Directors membership opportunities, and other event volunteer opportunities.

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Interested in Becoming a Young Professional?

If you’re passionate about our cause and would like to get involved, then submit your application to join our Young Professionals Committee or contact our Development and Marketing Manager, Alexa Lomantini, at alomantini@kitm.org for more information.


A Quick Word From a Young Professional

“The Young Professionals Committee is an amazing program that helped me understand how I could bring more value to an organization that I enjoyed volunteering for. It provided me an opportunity to network with leaders my age in the area who want to help this organization; it really solidified how I could help not only this organization but all organizations I am apart of. There was not a better decision than when I joined this committee and has provided me with the stepping stones to making a large impact in my area.”

Timmy Hogenkamp Jr, YPC Member