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5 Tips to Stay Healthy Through the Winter

Get Enough Sleep. Sufficient sleep is an essential component of good health and disease prevention. A good night’s sleep makes everyone more productive and keeps our immune systems operating well.
Eat Well. Healthy eating fuels our immune systems and plays a huge role in our long-term health. Encourage your family to eat brightly-colored fruits and vegetables – ideally 2 fruits and 3 vegetables per day during meals and snacks.
Stay Active. Kids are supposed to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day. During the week, they may accomplish part of this during school but make sure that they’re getting their full 60 minutes afterward, and especially during holidays and weekends.
Watch Outdoor Temperatures. Many kids want to run outside at the first sign of fresh snow. Just remember to limit their time outdoors when it’s very cold. Remember to keep them properly outfitted (layers of clothes, coats, gloves, etc.).
Wash Hands. This is the single most effective way to prevent most winter illnesses (and throughout the whole year)! Hand washing regularly and correctly can dramatically reduce much of the exposure.